Singing For My Supper

It was a girls’ night out. I went expecting the usual: a relaxed dinner, some crazy gossip, and lots of laughter.

Well, it was all of that and then some.

Yours truly had the time of her life, singing karaoke for the first time and thoroughly enjoying the experience! I’m not so sure about the diners though 🙂

I threaten to return to repeat that experience, so let’s hope the place doesn’t shut down to avoid me completely! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Singing For My Supper

  1. Sure. And I’m pretty sure that you will rock the house with your super voice! I’d love to be there when that happens.

  2. I have braved Karoake sessions with colleagues singing off key.. non-melodious Cantonese, Mandarin , Hokkien songs.. 🙂

    Alcohol comes very handy in such situations !

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