Happy Days!

This weekend has been such a happy one for me.

On Friday, I attended a prize distribution function hosted by Deccan Herald to receive my prize. It was short and sweet, but the highlight for me was the fact that my parents, along with DH and Lil D, and my sister and niece also attended. It was very special because after my school days, during which my parents attended our annual prize distribution ceremony without fail, this is the first time they have witnessed me receiving a prize. It was a lovely feeling to be able to share it with them.

And what could top this? The fact that both my entries to the Landmark and Grey Oak Urban Stories Competition 2011 have been shortlisted for publication!

The story Paradise is to be published in December 2011 in the Urban Shots Crossroads collection, and the story Reality Bytes is to be published in February 2012, in the Urban Shots Love Collection.

When Lady Luck smiles, I guess she beams down a truckload of the stuff, no? 🙂

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