Movie Talk

Was I the only one who was quite disappointed with the latest Harry Potter movie?

I went expecting a grand finale, a spectacular finish to the series that was such a phenomenon. I waited and waited — in vain. True, some of the effects were very good, I loved the way the kissing scene between Ron and Hermoine was choreographed, and Daniel Radcliffe never looked better as Harry Potter (I always thought he looked a little uncomfortable with its fit). The Horcrux destructions were excellent and Longbottom looked absolutely adorable. But the tempo kept flagging every now and then. There was so much scope for creating the emotional connect, but the attempts were very limited. The penultimate scene, where they show the Triumphant Trio on the bridge, seemed like such a fake shot! It just felt so false, I don’t know. As for the final scene, it felt like they ran out of budget, and so they just dressed up the main characters as 30+ year olds as if in a school play! The entire movie felt like a checklist of scenes that were on the To Be Included list. And oh, Ginny! Ginny gets such short shrift, I felt really bad for her! Ok, maybe I’m being too harsh, but honestly, I felt so let down.

On the other hand, the movie The Burning Train had a complete WTF moment, and I had to burst out laughing, making Lil D wonder, and I couldn’t even explain. In a fight scene, Dharmendra uses not the common expletive “Son of a B***h”, but “Son of a B*****d”! Is that something you’ve ever heard before? I haven’t, and I found it quite hilarious. At least he kept it gender neutral, that much I will grant him! 🙂

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