Of late, Lil D has taken up the task of filling in the feedback form whenever we go to a restaurant. I offer you some random samples of her answers (the questions are approximations of whatever I can remember).

Q. How did you learn about us?
A. By coming here.

Q. How is the food?
A. Fantastic.

Q. Will you visit us again?
A. Of course.

Q. Why?
A. Because we like it.

Q. Would you like to listen to live Ghazals?
A. NO (later found out she said no because she didn’t know what Ghazals meant)

Q. How would you rate the food?
A. Excellent (this, when she merely pecked at the food)

Q. How would you rate the service?
A. Good (When I asked why not excellent, she gave me a long answer that I wish I remember! :D)

At least the restaurants can rest assured that they are getting honest feedback!

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