Empty Nest

It is strange to not hear her little voice piping up in the morning, chattering away. It is strange not to have my work interrupted repeatedly, with phone calls and visits from her friends, with the impatient doorbell and the mad scampering in and out of the house at all odd times, the giggling and laughter and running about. It is strange not to have the constant skirmishes, the exhortations to eat right, bathe quickly, stop playing, or go to bed. It is strange not to be extra vigilant in everything we do or say, knowing the impact it will have on a young impressionable mind.

For the first time, Lil D is staying all by herself in Mumbai with her cousins. The daily phone calls alternate between extreme excitement and extreme home-sickness. We’ve left it to her to decide how many days she wants to stay. She doesn’t want to come back soon; what she really wants is for me to go there and stay with her! Unfortunately, I can’t take off from work for such long periods, so she needs to make a tough choice.

I’m missing her, but I feel this is a necessary step towards her emotional independence. She has me around her all the time, and she is pretty possessive and dependent when it comes to me. So more than anything else, I’m happy that she’s been coping quite well.

She’s a born survivor (quite literally!), so I really had no qualms about letting her stay. But she needs to feel and know that for herself. All rites of passage, I guess.

Miss you, sweetheart! 😦

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