Pristine Green

The trouble with being a native of the place is that you seldom do the “must-do” things. I have visited Vidyarthi Bhavan just once despite passing it a gazillion times on the way to my sister’s place. I have never had breakfast at Koshy’s (though I’ve had other things ;)). It’s been eons since I visited the Venkatappa Art Gallery. I have, inspite of repeated attempts, never made it to Ranga Shankara. Well, you get my drift.

So last Sunday, in a rare energetic spurt, I booked us on the Green Heritage Walk.

I think the last time I visited Lal Bagh properly was as a kid. My grand-uncle had this habit of inviting the entire extended family to a full day outing at Lal Bagh every year. This included yummy snacks and food, games of all kinds, and general catching up. My memories are rather hazy, and I honestly don’t remember much of Lal Bagh. I’ve been to the nursery a few times, courtesy DH, the gardening enthusiast, but other than that, Lal Bagh has remained a place that I pass a gazillion times on the way to my sister’s place!

Well, the Green Heritage Walk changed that. We set out bright and early in the morning, and Lal Bagh was … CROWDED! People of all shapes and sizes were enthusiastically walking about. Tourists were already snapping pictures posing against the temple (at 7am on a Sunday morning!) This was hardly the peaceful walk I had pictured.

But once we began, it was simply wonderful. The atmosphere was so tranquil, so peaceful, the green was so clean and refreshing, and the weather was just perfect! We learnt so much in those three hours, right from the amazing interdependence of the mighty banyan with the tiny wasp, to the link between the American national anthem and Tipu Sultan. The trees were majestic, with such character, grace, and dignity. I told DH I felt just like I had received new glasses — everything looked so crisp and wonderful.

The breakfast at MTR after the walk was everything we could wish for. Heavy with both great food and newly minted knowledge, we returned very satisfied indeed. Lil D too had a quite a good time picking up leaves and cones and seeds and stuff. She can now identify at least a few trees that grow in the vicinity of our home.

All in all, a good outing that was long overdue.

3 thoughts on “Pristine Green

  1. YEah ! I know exactly what you mean about doing must do things ! I know of Delhites who have never seen Qutb Minar except from their terrace.

    I have been “planning” to do this Bangalore walks for quite some time ! Lets see when it happens !

  2. Liked reading this.

    Please share some of that gyaan about Bangalore for those of us who are blinded to it by our sloth. Thanks.

  3. All the best, cheti! 🙂

    Shankari, I don’t even know where to begin! I think you really ought to meet Vijay Thiruvady. He is an amazing storehouse of information, and an old-timer who knows his Bangalore very well!

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