Power Parents

When I see the new generation of parents, I feel like I am in the middle of a shock-and-awe operation.

They are so hands-on, so involved in every activity of their children, so aware of of all the (politically correct) options, so planned and thorough in their childrens’ upbringing, that I feel quite like a fish out of the water.

No. of summer camps Lil D has enrolled in this summer: ZERO
I half-heartedly tried to put her into a science camp but it was already full.

She wakes up in the morning (she’s an early riser, so she’s up even before I am) and potters around the house doing some odd stuff. Like this morning, we did some ‘science experiments’ and she has created her own experiment resulting in some orange gloopy stuff that I have promised not to throw.

Then she goes for a keyboard class, mostly because her friends are going. She spends the rest of the day playing with her friends, lunch is in one of the houses (by rotation), and evenings are spent swimming with her friends in the pool. She usually watches a bit of TV in the night after dinner, or plays games with DH (while I work, in case you’re wondering why not me! :D).

We’ve already been on a one week-long trip to the unlikeliest of holiday spots – Varanasi, Prayag, and Gaya! A couple of shorter trips might come up some time later.

But other than that, her summer holidays have so totally not been planned.

When I read other blogs or interact with other parents who are much more methodical about holiday planning, I feel I’m being downright negligent. Honestly, I haven’t quite the energy to keep up with the younger parents, and I have a good excuse too: I’m older than most of them! 🙂

I’m afraid that Lil D will probably accuse me of being too lazy a parent when she grows up! Which I will strongly deny — I did spend a whole hour last night applying henna to her hands and feet, didn’t I? 😀

2 thoughts on “Power Parents

  1. Ano, this is how summer holidays should be ! Lazy, figure out what to do mode ! Not some kind of planned event ! Kids just dont know what to do on their own ! They cant make a silly game and play ! They demand to be entertained ! Thats boring !

  2. Well, I succumbed; the science camp called me back with a vacancy and I filled it up promptly! 🙂
    But I agree with you. Lazy is fun(lazy is my second nature!) And when Lil D fills me in on the details of her play with friends, I can’t stop smiling.

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