Rain, Rain

Yesterday, it poured in the evening.

Lil D, who loves playing in the rain/water (which kid doesn’t?), asked me if she could go out and play. Force of habit almost made me reply in the negative, but I caught myself just in time. After all, it was not during school days, which is always the problem otherwise.

Her face lit up when I said yes. She changed quickly into an older dress, wore her bright orange raincoat, took her pink umbrella, and we set off.

The rain had reduced to a steady drizzle by the time we went down, but that didn’t deter her. There was a huge pool of water in the badminton court, and she jumped and splashed to her heart’s content. She found a ball, and had great fun imitating the bowlers she had seen during the World Cup, complete with the shining of the ball! I made a few paper boats for her to play with, which were rapidly reduced to pulp.

It was fun to see her have such a good time. So — Rain, Rain, do come again! 😀

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