Ground Rules

Whenever I ground Lil D, it turns into a big tamasha.

First, she announces it to her friends like she’s received a badge of honour. The news is greeted not with dismay but a kind of awe. Next, her friends will, one by one, come and ask me the details. What did she do or not do? Why has she been grounded? (note that the answers to these two questions have to be different!) How long is she being grounded? What are the rules of grounding? Does it cover morning, afternoon or evening play?

Once the Q&A session is over, I will be constantly reminded over the grounding period that she is supposed to be grounded. Heaven help me if I don’t stick to whatever I said before, because I can rest assured that I will be grilled quite thoroughly.

Honestly, is grounding worth the grinding I am put through? Come on, you can be frank! 😀

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