Waves of Erosion

The devastating tsunami affected not just Japan, but I believe, the entire world.

It even crept into Lil D’s bedroom. She began sobbing bitterly the other night. It took some time to elicit an answer from her as to what the matter was. It was the dreaded tsunami! She was afraid it would rush into her room, into her house, and sweep us all away. It took all of my persuasion powers plus the presence of strong Daddy holding her to assuage her fears. We repeatedly told her that we were far away from the coast, and Bangalore was 3000 ft above sea-level, and that we were safe from tsunamis. She finally fell asleep firmly clasping my hand.

The total time she has watched the tsunami coverage on TV is probably not more than 10 mins. She saw about 3 mins the first day, and another 5 mins the next day, which was BBC coverage of a man looking for his wife — no alarming scenes of nature’s fury, just following the man around.

Yet, that had such a deep impact on her. That’s rather scary.

3 thoughts on “Waves of Erosion

  1. Didn’t realize that few minutes of TV would affect a child so much :-\. Hope little D feels better soon..

    I have to lessen the amount of news that I and my hubby watch now..

  2. Yup Deeps, that was what really shook me. If just a few minutes of such TV coverage is enough to affect her, imagine the impact of hours of TV watching!

    Luckily, Lil D watches practically no TV during the week. Only TV she gets to watch is on weekends, and that too, for just a couple of hours at the most. She loves shows meant for small kids even though she’s 8, so I am quite happy with her TV viewing habits, at least upto now! 😀

    She does watch TV with her friends though, but they’re so busy chatting or playing with each other and getting distracted in between, that I don’t think it amounts to much. I’m so glad her life doesn’t revolve around the TV! 🙂

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