Bye Bye Birdie

So it took approximately 43 days in all.

Remember the pigeon family that decided to nest in our balcony?

Well, it’s time to thank them for the fascinating journey they took us through.

We kept monitoring the egg, and the mother pigeon who didn’t stir from the nest as far as I could tell kept a nervous eye on us. We were all excited when the chick, a fuzzy grey ball, hatched. We watched as the mother flew ever so often, feeding the baby till it grew big rapidly.

During the last couple of days, there was much fussing going on. The parents were trying to get Baby to fly, and it protested vigorously, with much flapping and squawking! Finally, yesterday afternoon, after a last flurry, the nest went empty. 😦

So this morning, we took down the hanging pot that functioned as their nest with a mixture of sadness and relief. Even though we didn’t have to look after the pigeons as such, they became our responsibility in a way. The relief was not only for that, but for freedom, hopefully, from the mess they were making on our balcony floor! 🙂

I did manage to take pictures of practically all stages, but I just couldn’t get the flying lessons on camera. The parents were very wary and every time I came out, they would fly off to the neighbouring balcony, and sit there, glaring at their reluctant offspring. Baby looked very apologetic and tried to hide in the pot!

Ah well, we better get used to the empty nest syndrome, no? 😀

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