Gods are from Mars

A couple of weeks ago, I had an extremely bad sinus attack. I woke up with what seemed like a painful lump in my throat, and every time I swallowed, it was hell. That meant every minute or so, since saliva production naturally decided to go on an overdrive. I ran to an ENT specialist, dumped a truckload of medicine down my throat (if I could have screamed in pain, I would have done that!), and slept through the day.

The pain persisted through the evening, but suddenly, around dinner time, it vanished, just like that! I swallowed cautiously again and again, expecting the pain to jump up at any time and say Boo! But no, it just completely disappeared.

This is a miracle, I told Lil D. I can’t believe the pain just vanished!

She looked at me sagely. You know what, she began, I secretly wrote a note to Sir* asking him to take away your pain. He saw [the note] from Mars and see, he took away your pain. You should be thankful to him.

Well, I’m thankful to have a daughter who’s willing to pray to Martians for her mom! πŸ™‚

*Sir – one of the teachers in her school; the entire class firmly believes that he is an alien from Mars!
* * *
Another miracle — musical this time. When I entered a concert hall, my throat was raw and aching and sore. I was so afraid they might just throw me out of the hall for coughing too much and disrupting the concert! Yet, when I emerged after a fantastic evening of Parveen Sultana and Trilok Gurtu, the throat pain had completely disappeared. Believe it or not, it was truly weird! πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Gods are from Mars

  1. err…I’m currently having a very painful throat- inflamed and giving me hell. would you put in a word to Lil D to do the needful? Martian/ alien never mind…

  2. ROFL! I wonder what “Sir” would have to say about all this!

    Do let me know what Raaga Parveen Sultana performed – I’m sure music researchers would like to know that that Raaga cured a throat pain πŸ™‚

  3. Ardra, done! πŸ˜€ Let me know if it works out, I will have to switch religions πŸ˜‰

    LOL Shruthi! I remember Hamsadhwani and her famous Bhavani Dayani. It’s also entirely possible that Trilok Gurtu beat the hell out of my throat pain πŸ™‚ If you haven’t seen him live, do — he’s awesome!

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