Deep Thoughts

Some recent bed-time conversations with Lil D left me dumbfounded.

Lil D: My left eye is burning every time I open it.
Me: Maybe you should put on a patch like a pirate. Then you won’t be able to open it and it won’t burn.
Lil D: No. Pirates are bad people, and if I am like a pirate, then people will say bad things about my mother — like my mother didn’t teach me how to be good. So I don’t want a patch.
Me: :O

Lil D: Is God real?
Me: That’s hard to say.
Lil D: They say he’s everywhere, but we can’t see him or touch him or anything, right?
Me: Yes, it’s more what we believe in. Nobody really knows for sure.
Lil D: Nobody knows, right? That’s what I am saying. Maybe they just say these things about God so that we don’t do anything bad!
Me: :O

5 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. Shruthi, there I was, preparing to launch into a carefully nuanced God lecture, and she gets right to the point! I laughed so much after that — told her it took me nearly a lifetime to figure that out, while she’s done it at eight! 😀 It’s scary how fast she’s growing up! 😦

    That was exactly my reaction, Chets! 😀

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