Our Daily Bread

Let me confess at the outset that I am not particularly interested in food and cooking. I do love good food, but my attitude towards food is more that it’s a necessity. So though I am fairly adept (thanks mom!)at whipping up an edible, and sometimes delicious 🙂 meal, I am not inclined to go into rhapsodies over cooking. I’m probably the only person you know who ruined a ready-to-make Betty Crocker cake, which went straight from oven to dustbin! 😀

The bane of my cooking life has been the ubiquitous roti or chappathi. Anything that, in a manner of speaking, involves kneading dough, making round shapes, and heating a tawa. I can’t make a decent one to save my life. Now DH likes to take chappathis for his lunch everyday. And I took the easy way out — I hired a cook. Life was good.

Now I’d like to blame Nigella for what happened next. The problem with cookery shows (which I love to watch because they are so colourful*) is that they make cooking look so easy. A pinch of that, a dash of that, grate this, blitz that, blend this, whip that, and voila! You can get so easily conned into thinking that you can do it too. Added to this was Lil D’s pleas for her own special dishes, and before I knew it, I was back in the kitchen, sifting and stirring and shaking away.

Yesterday, DH needed to go early to office. I volunteered a bit nervously to prepare his lunch. Chappathis and paneer burji were duly prepared, packed and dispatched. Early feedback came from Lil D upon her return from school; she smacked her lips and said it was yummy! When DH returned, I casually asked him how his lunch was. His answer was a query instead: why were the chappathis so different from what the cook made? But were they any good? I demanded to know, crossing my fingers. Well, he said, they were much better than the regular ones!

Obviously, my day was made. After receving a commendation from the most finicky eater I have ever known, I can now rest in peace 🙂

*I have noticed that watching cookery shows is often laughed at, especially by the menfolk. You never cook, only watch, they snigger. To that, I always retort: All guys don’t play cricket, but that doesn’t stop them from watching every match now, does it? 😛

8 thoughts on “Our Daily Bread

  1. I LOVE this post. Congratulations on the great chapatis 😀 I remember how you had laughed when I asked whether you had made the dhokla you served us when we visited you. Now I see that it isn’t that outrageous any more 😀

    Love the retort at the end!!

    And I love watching cookery shows, but I studiously avoid them. I am crazy about food, and I shed tears when I taste something particularly heavenly – and I spent more time in the kitchen than I would like to just coz I love cooking new things and eating them. So cookery shows just mean more trouble in my life. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it. And don’t get your hopes up about my food! 😛 We must meet again, no? Long time!

    • I hear you, Ardra, and amen to that. I am simply amazed at how some folks can whip up meals for a battalion in no time. My sister is an expert 😀 Me? I just order in! 🙂

  2. Loved the post. Congrats on the good chapathis :)). While I don’t love cooking, I love eating and sadly in the US, if I want good Indian food, the only way to get it is to cook it myself :-p. Thankfully a touch of my mom’s cooking is present in mine, so I don’t miss her haath ka khaana that much :).

    As for cooking shows I’m an addict. Since we are vegetarians I always look for ways to vegetarify (:-p) the stuff they show here. But sadly the “taste” aspect is wayyyyyy diferent for Americans and us, so its very difficult to enjoy such bland food ;-).

    • Yup, some of the bland food is really yuck, even for a certified non-gourmet like me 🙂 And mother’s food reminds me: one day, I was missing my mom’s huli (sambhar) so much that I made it exactly the way she used to make it when I was a kid — with the fresh ground masala — and slurped it all up! 🙂

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