For the Birds

Just a few days ago, DH called me out to the balcony, all excited.

The reason?

A sparrow had shown up and was hopping amongst the pots! We were thrilled, and I was struck by the sad situation — imagine feeling happy about a sparrow, when we grew up with these feathered friends, poking and pecking around in our backyard, and building inconvenient nests in our house.

Not to be left behind, a pair of pigeons decided to make a hanging pot their nest, and we found one beautiful white egg during this morning’s investigation. I do hope we get to see the entire life cycle; it will such a fun experience for Lil D.

3 thoughts on “For the Birds

  1. One of my strongest childhood memories is about how my mum and me watched two generations of pigeons live out of a flower pot on our fourth-storey flat! 🙂

    Chennai in the 1990’s was not a welcoming place for birds, either. I was having chicken pox and I remember spending every morning of my quarantine period, hiding behind the window watching the mother bird feed the lil one. We took photos and documented the whole thing. 🙂

    Have fun, both of you! 🙂


    P.S. – I would like your advice on something personal. I have left my email id, here. Let me know where I can mail you.

  2. Anna, that was so vivid — can quite imagine a sick little girl peering out of the window curiously 🙂
    Have sent you mail.

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