Dear Abby

Lil D is growing up fast and there’s a lot of learning as a parent. Knowing the theory is one thing, but applying that theory at the right time is a whole world apart (I guess we can always blame our education system for that, no? :D)

Anyway, this post struck a chord with me.

I do turn to my mom the most for kid advice. Sometimes, we discuss kiddy issues amongst friends, and it’s always heartening to know that you are not alone. But I hit upon a real neat trick a few months ago; I stumbled across this technique quite by accident, and it’s worked wonders for me.

Whenever I’m ruminating about some of the things that are bothering me, I mentally compose a letter to an agony aunt. I detail the problem, and then, I compose the response. The response is usually so obvious, such common-sense, yet it doesn’t strike you when you are so close to the problem that you can barely think. Composing this imaginary letter and response gives me the distance I need to view the problem objectively, and figure out what my actions should ideally be.

I never thought these Dear Abby things really helped, but hey — you live and you learn! 🙂

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