Song and Dance

Was watching a news item about Shakira playing Kaali, where they showcased several of her popular music videos.

Most of the videos had her contorting her body into several complex positions, and I wondered why it was so necessary to dance about so much if you wanted to just sing. OK, I know all about being the complete entertainment package, but my respect for Lata Mangeshkar went up several notches. Here is a highly popular singer who cares only about her singing and nothing else. And what a marvellous job she has done, without making a song and dance about it.

3 thoughts on “Song and Dance

  1. I do remember you Anna. 🙂
    Thank you – it is so sweet of you to remember me! I’ll file this away for future.

  2. no no!! I’d meant >>

    The theme we have thought of for the November issue: ‘A tribute to childhood’.

    Isn’t this a lovely topic – with loads of things to talk about:

    – childhood memories
    – being a parent. What does it mean to bring up children?
    – kids of today – not just yours but the ones you see around you – your nephews/nieces/neighbourhood kids.
    – The child in us, even after we have grown up. The little things that we crave to do as a child
    – social issues concerning children – child labour, child abuse, etc
    – children films and books.
    As always we welcome you to write stories, poetry and non-fiction and click photographs/present art based on the above theme.

    Do drop in a note to let us know what you would like to write about. The deadline for articles for the November issue is 20 October 2010.

    You can email your work to

    😦 Oh well. It’s too late now.

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