Study time, Fun time

I remember reading some person’s reaction to this ad somewhere in the blogosphere quite some time back. The person was very upset that they showed the little girl studying even during bath-time. Wasn’t there any respite from studying? Did they have to reinforce such ideas? (At least this is what I remember of what I read).

Personally, I didn’t find anything objectionable in this ad. If at all I wanted to object, I would object to the fact that the soap connection is at best tenuous. One hardly pays attention to the soap because the kid is so cute and the tune is so catchy.

I think having fun while studying works wonderfully, especially for kids. With Lil D, we chant tables like songs in the back of the car, we come up with funny acronyms to remember stuff, and I often give her wild examples so that she not only understands the concept but it stays with her due to the crazy association. When she was having difficulty with her Hindi, I made up a silly poem which worked like magic. While shopping, she does addition and subtraction, and we point out stuff related to what she has studied in newspapers or magazines, etc.

It’s all interconnected — there’s no hard and fast rule that studies should be done in a particular way. In fact, I read recently that if the same matter is studied in two different rooms, the retention is much better. Apparently studying in a cluttered room too helps! (I shan’t be sharing this tip with Lil D though :D)

Coming back to the ad, I guess it tries to show that the soap makes even something as tedious as studying loads of fun. Whether that’s the primary objective of potential customers is debatable, but I honestly don’t see anything in this to work oneself up into a lather. πŸ™‚

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Study time, Fun time

  1. This is very eerie, but I’d had the same thoughts about the same blog that talked about this same ad way back in time. I hadn’t really thought too much of it back then, but it keeps coming back to me now that Puttachi is old enough for me to understand all this better.

    Puttachi isn’t yet in the “learning” phase, but I grab all sorts of what they call teachable moments to tell her about life and the world. And if that’s teaching, and if I’m doing it at inopportune times, then sue me. But it works for both of us.

    Btw, studying in a cluttered room helps? Gotta tell my mom this.

  2. I totally agree Ano. If that blogger had hinted at memorisation thing or not i dont know, but learning is a continuous process ! Last night, over dinner, when the little guy protested that he has already eaten 15000 eggs and wont eat any more, very quickly we learnt approximation and mental division to see that he should be atleast 40 years old to accomplish that ! And he enjoyed it ! Clubbing learning into daily activity is way better than locking up in a room for hours together to “learn” !

    And as for the ad, I dont like it !

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