Long Days

“Close your eyes and sleep!” I admonished Lil D, who was way past her bedtime, but still bright-eyed and in a chatty mood.

“Why?” She asked.

“Because you have a long day tomorrow.” It’s one of those standard parent-type replies that one stocks up on.

“Why?” She asked again.

I was stumped. Truthfully, tomorrow was a normal school-going day, offering nothing to categorize it as a long day. So I craftily resorted to yet another of my standard tricks.

“Because it’s Tuesday.”


“Tuesday is longer than Monday, right?”

She counted the number of letters in each word on her fingers. I could see her eyes shining in the dark as she discovered that Tuesday was indeed longer than Monday.

To add weight to my newly minted theory, I told her that Wednesday was the longest day, and after due diligence, she agreed.

Later, when I thought of it, it struck me as such coincidence that the days grew longer till mid-week, and then grew shorter again. It was good Saturday was a “long” day, but Sunday, the day that almost disappears even before it starts, is truly not long enough. Hmmm.

3 thoughts on “Long Days

  1. u know what? i felt it this week……..wednesday was terrible with almost stretching my work hours to 12 hours……..and i was so alert at 12 midnight i could not sleep – i was checking your blog and i read this post!! YOU ARE RIGHT!!

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