I love it

I happened to catch a delightful little flick called Hope Springs on the telly. It caught my eye while channel-surfing because of the one and only Colin Firth! I really like everything about him, especially his understated acting, giving just a hint of vulnerability to the stiff upper lip act that he puts on.

One of my faves was his Mr. Darcy in the BBC Pride and Prejudice. Initially, I didn’t quite take to him being Mr. Darcy, but he really grew on me. I can’t find the scene I remember where his acting is so superb — it’s when she is at Pemberly, and he controls the passion he feels towards Elizabeth, making small talk instead. The closest scene I could find online was this.

The way he asks after her parents twice made me laugh; the confusion and then the immediate withdrawal into a more formal expression is great! The last few moments of the clip are what I’m talking about: he manages to show his restrained ardour so well!

The added bonus to Hope Springs was that as the credits rolled, one of the songs that I really enjoy came on. I remembered the video for the seamless way in which it moves from scene to scene! And of course, Ronan Keating is so cute! Look out for that moment at 2:03 — it’s always made me chuckle šŸ™‚ Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “I love it

  1. I’m not sure whether I read Pride and Prejudice first and imagined Darcy like Firth, or watched the BBC series first and so Firth stuck in my head, but for me, Darcy IS Colin Firth. Or vice versa. I cannot bear to watch any of the other versions because I cannot stand any other actor as Darcy.

  2. I’ll watch these two clips in the morning. Can’t wait. Ano, any idea if we can get the BBC series on DVD?

    Oh btw, I LOVE Colin Firth, even when he isn’t Darcy. He’s probably my favourite actor.

  3. Shruthi, that makes two of us. I too LOVE Colin Firth! I think DVD should be available. If I get it, I’ll buy you an extra copy. šŸ™‚

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