Matters of the Heart

So, Lil D got her first proposal (at least the first one that I know of! :D) a few days ago.

She bounced in and told me the details. Her face shone and her eyes had a sparkle. I guess everyone loves being told they are loved.

What did you reply? I asked her.

Oh, I said we can’t talk like this till we’re sixteen years old, she said. 🙂

And since we’re talking about the heart, don’t miss out Scarlett’s The Heart Monologues. She’s got a post for every single day of August, and I can guarantee you will become a fan of her writing!

3 thoughts on “Matters of the Heart

  1. LOL Shruthi! I’ve been saying eighteen, but the girl has managed to bring it down to sixteen! 😀

    Most welcome, Scarlett!

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