Having watched Inception and Salt recently, what struck me most about the two films was the emotional angle.

Both films have excellent acting, great stunts, and good storylines. Both films were shot fantastically, with wonderful effects and locales. However, both suffered from what I felt was an important flaw — the lack of a strong emotional anchor to draw in the viewer completely. Both Cobb’s and Salt’s emotional reasons and the all-important LOVE felt slapped on, almost as an afterthought. Somehow, for me, the incredible love that they shared with their respective partners didn’t seem credible at all. It didn’t feel intense or passionate enough, and I really didn’t care about their characters and their losses.

I see more and more movies tagging on the love angle for convenience. I also see more and more evidence of withdrawal of the human race from love itself — people do not appear to have the time or the inclination, nor do they want to invest in emotion. It sometimes feels like the world is fast moving towards a more automatic and convenient future, cleared of the uncomfortable bumps that emotions throw up. Life is being reduced to a bunch of formulaic cliches, where even the deviation from the norm follows expected routes.

Perhaps I’m just reading too much sci-fi! 🙂

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