The Wonder Years

The girls were playing at our place. Since it was not a school day the next day, thanks to the bundh, they had a late dinner and then around 9.30pm, Lil D and I went to drop off the other two at their respective homes. When we were on the way to the second one’s house (S), we had the following conversation.

Lil D: Mamma, I want to go to X’s house and see how the baby has grown up.

Me: No way. It’s almost ten o’clock and we’ve got to go home.

S: Aunty, is it really ten o’clock?

Me: Yes

S: My God, we’ve been playing for five hours!

Me: Yes, when we are with friends, time flies, doesn’t it?

Lil D: Yes, and when we are with parents, we are always wondering what they are going to say.


4 thoughts on “The Wonder Years

    • Last night, she comes to me laughing….
      Mamma, you know I’m in B section and my roll number is 12….(I nod)….Mamma, you know Vitamin B-12….(laughs and laughs at her own joke)


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