Jab We Discussed

Lil D was watching Jab We Met on Pogo yesterday. Somewhere along the way, she asked me why Aditya was so serious.

Me: Do you have any idea what the movie is about?

Lil D: No

Me: OK. See, when Geet meets Aditya first, she is very fun-loving, and he is very serious. She tells him he ought to have more fun, and he tells her that she should be more serious. Then they both go their separate ways. When they meet again, she has become very serious, and he is having lots of fun.

(Pause, wondering how to conclude the story, when Lil D does it for me with aplomb)

Lil D: So (the moral of the story is), both must be both.

I agree, Lil D. Balance is the key. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Jab We Discussed

  1. Why on earth is Pogo airing JWM ?? !! I thought it was meant to be an exclusive kiddie channel **raised eyebrows**

  2. You two deserve to be awarded! Not only do you still read me, you actually comment too! 😉
    I am honored!

    *Standing ovation*

    LOL Shruthi, she’s almost an ajji now, with the loads of wisdom she doles out regularly 😀

    IW, we are old *Sigh*
    Children nowadays are growing up so fast, JWM is mere child’s play! 🙂

  3. Yes.. have seen that clip on TV (another sign that I am old, coz I still watch clips on TV rather than on YouTube etc). It’s really sad the way that kid’s mother is/was blissfully unaware of the ill-effects of smoking. The kids family was prompted to seek help more out of mounting cost of his 4 packs a day habit rather than any concerns about his health !

    I seriously feel just as we have licence for driving , there ought be a licence for Parenting. That will solve half of the problems that we see around us 🙂

  4. Such a coincidence, IW.
    A mom I know said that there ought to be a mandatory course on Parenthood in college (of course in the case at hand, college is so out of the picture).
    I agree with her completely. There are so many people who are just not ready or not good parent material at all (not being judgemental – it’s so obvious sometimes! :D), and they have kids just because.
    A course on Marriage also would be nice!

  5. Heh heh, remember, I am your number one fan 😀

    A course in marriage would be wonderful, and definitely a course in parenthood. Hopefully most people will be turned off by it 😉

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