Motherhood …and Apple Pie

I came across this article just now, close on the heels of a long discussion with my friend yesterday on similar topics.

I’d rather that people who aren’t interested in parenthood not bring children into this world; it’s better for everyone. If you are so concerned about not being “a slave” to your children, then don’t have kids! That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

It’s ironic that at the workplace, you are constantly exhorted to be more involved, to bring that passion to your work. And yet, if you are passionate about your kids, you get labelled as a slave!

I can understand that she does have a point, especially with over-indulgent and over-protective parents, who can drive one up the wall. But the tone seems unduly harsh. Taking breaks is pure common sense, not rocket science. Methinks that one would do that for any situation which demands long hours. If anyone thinks that taking breaks makes a bad parent, then they need to have their head examined!

When parents are trying so hard to do their job right, this certainly doesn’t help. I was glad to see the level-headed reactions. I agree — it is a matter of individual choice. And no whining.

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