Some More…

Lolita: The writing is so skilful, so beautiful that one almost forgets the horror. The book made me feel sad overall, a kind of helpless resignation. What an adroit deception Nabokov weaves!

Reading Lolita in Tehran: This book left me displaced, I felt as lost as the narrator and her class. It offered me a completely new perspective on literature and its impact. I felt sick when I read some of it, like being penalised for biting into apples “seductively”. What sort of life is that — every move being dictated by someone, being imprisoned in a black robe from which even a wisp of your hair dare not escape. Not all the snow-capped mountains and ice-cream drizzled with coffee and walnuts can wipe this horror away.

Twilight: I loved the seductiveness of this book. In fact, the part I most enjoyed was the first part, just about the layers of attraction peeling back between Bella and Edward. The action-packed latter part felt almost like an add-on, like something the publisher insisted on as a must-have according to the formula for bestsellers. A hero who is a perfect foil for a damsel in distress — sigh. So what if he’s a vampire. 🙂

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