At Last!

I’m so excited and thrilled!

Finally, finally, finally….

Kamat Yatrinivas is opening near my place!

I will get to eat yummy, yummy South Indian food! YAY!

6 thoughts on “At Last!

  1. Yayyy ! I was in Bg’lore (must be 15 yrs back!!) & I remember being distinctly un-impressed by both South Indian as well as North Indian fare on offer (back then) . I hope things have changed in all these years.

    Still believe that Mumbai offers the best mix of cuisines from all corners of India.. (though I am not much of a foodie to give a final verdict .. )

  2. Hang on .. have you moved out of India ? You sound excited like an expat Indian at the prospect of desi food joint opening in neighbourhood.. *confused*

  3. Ah, Bangalore has exploded cuisine-wise. You ought to come and visit. I’m not much of a foodie either, and never having stayed for long in Mumbai, can’t really compare.

    LOL @ expat. Truth is, the area where I live is so … er…cosmopolitan, that a true-blue South Indian restaurant opening here is indeed great cause for cheer! How’s that for irony?!

  4. Hmm pretty ironic 🙂

    Yes, with all the new age restaurants offering fusion dishes ( Chocolate Dosa , Ice-Cream Sandwitch, Iced Teas n what nots).. its a welcome change to see those “back to the basics” kind of places.. Bon Apetite.

  5. Great! Good for you 🙂
    @IW – The food scene in Bangalore totally rocks. I am a big time foodie and love checking out the restaurants. Awesome!

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