In the Pink

When the discussion veered around to the purchase of a new car, Lil D was clear.

“We should buy a pink car,” she declared.

Of course, we immediately set out to dissuade her. The thought stayed in her mind, though. A few days ago, she pointed to a metallic pink Maruti parked in the mall. See, she said, there are pink cars!

Later, when I was chatting with her regarding something else, I told her that I’d really like her to finish school and college, and get a decent job, so that she could be independent. Then, I said, you’re free to do whatever you want, even buy a pink car.

She was thoughtful. But see, she countered, if I get married, then he will also be like daddy and he will not like pink cars. Then how can I get one?

Then she thought a little more, and resolved the problem herself. We’ll buy two cars, she said. One for him, and a pink one for me.

So there you have it. A few years from now, when you see an old lady in the passenger seat of a pink car, you can come over and say Hi — it will be me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “In the Pink

  1. How simple and sweet the world is – if only the grown ups can look at their wants and resolve it the same way!….somewhere on the way of growing up, we made things more complex!

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