Conversation 1

Lil D sees the cover of the Economist.
“Oh look! Obama is going into the bear’s mouth.”
She reads the title.
“Welcome to Moscow. Mamma, what is Moscow?”
“Moscow is a city, baby, it is the capital of a country called Russia. You know, just like India. Do you know what is the capital of India?”
“I??… Oh!”

India starts with capital letter I – duh! 😀

Conversation 2

On TV, the newsreader is announcing something about the funeral of Michael Jackson.

“Pappa, what is funeral?”
“Er…you know when people die, they…er…they bury them.”
“What does bury mean?”
“Er…they put them in the ground, like your uncle…er, uncle was actually cremated.”
“What does that mean?”
“Cremation means burning. Sometimes we cremate the dead people, sometimes we bury them.”
“But they won’t like it if we do all this, when they are in heaven?”
“Er…it’s just the body that’s burnt, the soul – you know, like, we all have a soul, that stays on forever.”
“Pappa, who will do this for me when I die?”

:O :O :O

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