Black or White

So MJ is gone. What a life!

I actually felt so sad when I saw the news. Beat It played in my mind all day long. But I guess the song I always will remember him by is Black or White.

Gosh, the number of things I remember this song by:
– The opening scene, which made me laugh so much
– The “global integration” stuff which worked so well
– The excitement of seeing India represented in pop
– The last bit with the changing faces, which was my favourite
– And of course, the irony that he had become almost white – what was he actually saying? It always made me wonder!

RIP, MJ. And thanks for all the music.

6 thoughts on “Black or White

  1. The first thing that always comes to my mind when I hear Michael Jackson.. is ‘The damn media’. I really feel sorry for him, the way his life, trials and tribulations were catapulted, tossed around and torn apart with scant regard to anything. Celebrities and public figures always suffer but I guess he paid more than his due. Really. What a life! RIP.

  2. I agree. It was hard to make any sense of him. 🙂

    I introduced Lil D and her friend to MJ yesterday. They loved dancing to Beat It, and watched B&W with the same enthu that I had!

    And not to worry, I deleted the duplicate.

  3. If my fading memory serves me correct, the first music album (cassette) I ever bought from a store was MJ’s “Thriller”.

    My personal favourites are “Man In The Mirror” & “Dirty Diana”.. His voice had that quality to touch a persons core. Truly divine talent.

    Sad sad end to a sad sad (& yet) glorious life.

  4. p.s.: In a way, no other (type of) death would have done justice to MJ’s life. Imagine MJ growing old , arthritic , diabetic and dying a slow natural death. Naah.. It was all there in the script.. It is just another (or rather concluding)chapter to what has been an intrigue filled life.

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