Best Friends

This afternoon, I was sitting with two little boys busy chomping on chips. Let’s call them A, who’s in Upper KG and B, who’s in 1st standard.

I ask them – So, are you two best friends?
A asks B with an expression of utter disbelief – We are? We are best friends?
B nods and answers confidently – Yes, we are.
Then I ask – So who’s your best friend at school?
After some debate, A says- C is my best friend at school. (C is A’s classmate)
He turns to B – C is your best friend also, no?
But B is lost in his chips and does not answer.
A persists – C is your best friend also in school, right?
B agrees rather thoughtfully – Yes, he is my best friend.
He pauses for a minute, and then asks – Have I seen C?


10 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Anooooooooo, how have you been? 🙂
    Do you reckon the best friend phenomenon is a tad different with little girls? Ms A cried at home because there was only one “Dana”- her best friend, apparently she likes her so much that it bothers her there isnt more of Dana!! 😛

    IW, there, there, I am your friend too, Ano can be “Yet Another 1” and I can be “The Other One” 😛

    • Hey Scarlett, how nice to see you here! Oh yes, definitely, best friends are a whole different with little girls! I empathize completely with Ms A. 🙂

      IW, who says family can’t be friends, no? 😀

  2. Thanks Scary. This is getting better by the min. I just hope that Sal doesn’t cry foul over being left behind in the number game :))

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