Waste Not

“We’re wasting so much soap, no?” Lil D said, the soapy water trickling down her body as I bathed her this morning.

“No baby,” I said. “This is not wasting. Wasting is when you don’t use something for what it’s supposed to be used.”

I used examples off the top of my head. “Like food – food is meant for eating. If you don’t eat the food, you’re wasting it. Or clothes – clothes are meant for…”

“Wearing!” she completed.

“Yes.” I continued. “If you don’t wear some clothes at all, you’re wasting them.”


“Yes, baby.”

“Suppose there are two little girls, and they are not playing with each other – then they’re wasting friendship, no?”

I had to laugh out loud. “Yes, baby, they’re wasting friendship!”

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