The World According to Garp

What a strange book. That was my first thought after reading The World According to Garp by John Irving. The triumph of the book is that it makes you care about its well-etched characters, and empathize completely with them whatever their weird traits are. They are so human, so believable, even when the episodes border on the bizarre. The tragedies are awful and upsetting, but inevitable.

I loved the way Garp chases cars and tells the drivers to slow down. I wish I could do that myself. It’s things like these that make the novel something you want to embrace whole-heartedly. A wonderful book.

4 thoughts on “The World According to Garp

  1. Back from uncommunicative mode to see so many posts here! Yay!

    I read Garp ages ago – and loved it – as you say, it is a very strange book.

    There is a movie too, with Robin Williams as Garp – I watched only bits of it – I would like to watch it someday.

    • Hey Shruthi! Welcome, welcome!
      When I googled, I came across the movie, but Robin Williams as Garp? Somehow didn’t seem appropriate to me. Someone like Dustin Hoffman would have been perfect, no?

  2. Oh so you finished this. Wanted to know what you thought of it, good I happened to come here (through your post in EDF, of all places!). It’s a strange book and a wonderful book? Would you say, like Prayer for Owen Meany?

    • Strangely, it was The Tin Drum that sometimes reminded me of Prayer, not this one. This is quite different – at least I found it hard to believe that they are by the same author.

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